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REF: BO024

Designed and developed by Frank May (see attached bio), this innovative material is ideal for coaching. It is aimed at anyone who coaches and practices combat sports, fitness sports and martial arts, as well as PE teachers at primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities.
The light, compact material can be easily stored and transported, and will play a significant role in helping students master their technique, balance, movement, accuracy, distance, reaction, speed, coordination, anticipation, and even their defensive technique (parrying, dodging, sidestepping, outflanking, etc.). It will provide the coach with an added tool, bringing even more variety and enjoyment to your sessions.
It can be used alone or in pairs and is aimed at children, teenagers and adults alike – men and women – from beginners to competitors. This tool is not a replacement for the crucial technique-learning stage unique to each discipline. It is used to help bridge the gap between shadow boxing or kata (exercises practised solo, sometimes in front of a mirror)
and punch bag (punching power) or one-to-one training.
Comes with 3 bands for marking out targets (face, body and thighs).